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How to Pledge 1% of Product

Pledge 1% of Product

There are many ways companies can donate products. When you join Pledge 1%, our team will walk you through the key questions and considerations to help you determine the best product donation model for your company. We’ll also provide you with the best practices, case studies, and partner connections necessary to establish a quality donation program from day one.

Ways to Give Product

There are a few ways companies can give product and it is very important that you set up a program that makes the most sense for your business. Some typical ways to donate product include giving:

You can donate your product in full (e.g. provide licenses or subscriptions for a specific time period) or provide a discount for nonprofits to purchase your product. Depending on what hard costs you have may help determine which model (donation v. discount) you would like to use. You can provide major donations/discounts a few organizations or support many organizations with smaller donations/discounts—it all depends on your product, the size of your company, and the impact you aim to make.

Where to Start

We have a great guide and track record on helping companies set up their product donations. Join Pledge 1% now to learn more and get one-on-one guidance to support your program development.

Member Highlight: Box


Box works with TechSoup Global on giving product through, which is part of the Industries team. Through this, treats nonprofits as an important industry vertical and provides a revenue stream from TechSoup managed donated accounts requiring extra capacity/features and discounted plans. This revenue is used to expand the impact of

How did they get here? started by identifying youth enablement, social equity, health, and aid as the “pillars” of This helps guide all Pledge commitments. As a TechSoup partner, is able to participate in TechSoup events, marketing, content, and community throughout a global network. This aligns with these pillars and drives demand for product donations. cause support is also strategic for employee recruiting and retention.

“ believes that nonprofits and tech can do more together. We are committed to enabling nonprofits to innovate and fulfill their social missions by elevating their technology. As a Pledge 1% member, we are dedicated to donating and discounting our product. TechSoup has been a vital partner in helping to connect us with, and serve, nonprofits globally so they can all work as one.”

— Bryan Breckenridge, Executive Director,

To learn more about how TechSoup Global can help implement your giving program,
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