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How to Pledge 1% of Profit

Pledge 1% of Profit

There are a few different ways to donate profit and if you don’t have profits yet, you could instead consider donating a portion of revenue. If you don’t feel like 1% is the right amount for you, then give whatever feels right to you. ). Want to just give a portion of profit from one specific product? That works too! Pledge 1% is very flexible—we recognize that our companies are at all different stages and have different levels to give back. Click here to take the pledge.

Ways to Give Profit

Pledging profit through Pledge 1% is a simple process with just two quick steps: completing a Pledge Letter and a Gift Allocation Recommendation Form. That said, this may differ depending on where your company is incorporated, as each country has it’s own regulations and requirements for giving profit.

Where Pledge 1% can help is by providing you with best practices on how and where to consider allocating those funds. In particular, we can help you determine:

Where to Start

It’s important to think about the type of company you have when you are deciding how you will give profit. If you are a LLC or S-Corp, giving 1% of profit is easier and more beneficial than giving 1% of equity. When you join Pledge 1%, we’ll provide you with the appropriate guidance and paperwork for you to set up your profit donation program quickly and easily. Take the pledge to get started today!

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